SaveMyPics - autosave your photos to Snapfish (Android app)

SaveMyPics icon Autosave your photos to Snapfish with this simple Android app. Wakes up when there are new pictures and saves them to your Snapfish account.

Save My Pics screenshot Getting pictures off my Nexus 4 into Snapfish has always been a chore, and I'm a fan of single-minded automated apps. So I wrote this and have been using it over the last few months. Set it up once and forget about it pretty much. It's really nice to have the pictures just show up in Snapfish without any effort.

I admit I may be a little biased :-) but if you use Snapfish I think you'll like it.

1. Waits to upload (by default) over wifi at full resolution.

2. You'll have a copy of your photos in private Snapfish albums, should you ever lose your phone.

3. If you order cards or photobooks from your computer, it's so much easier having your phone pictures already on the site.

One more thing. Yep. Open-sourced for good measure, love to hear your feedback or contribute and extend it on github.

Photographs in the screenshots provided thanks to Sylwia Mazurek, Petr Kratochvil, and Vera Kratochvil.