Quick tip - git commit id as your Android app's version

Recent versions of the Android build tools have made it very easy to dynamically set the version.name (or the version.code I guess) with just ant and the command line.

SaveMyPics - autosave your photos to Snapfish (Android app)

SaveMyPics icon Autosave your photos to Snapfish with this simple Android app. Wakes up when there are new pictures and saves them to your Snapfish account.

Inside the Android Play Service's Magic OAuth Flow

I was looking into how the Google Play library actually obtains OAuth tokens on behalf of apps, as the actual nuts and bolts remain undocumented. Its implementation offers some interesting insights into how Google handles issues that crop up when using OAuth in an Android app. The rest of this post presumes you know a bit about Android, OAuth as well as how to use the Google Play Services library to obtain access tokens. Sorry if all this is down in the weeds, but that's where the fun bits are!

Poor Richard's Widget

Poor Richard's Widget icon A plain and humble widget to mark the birthday of a wise and witty man. Shows a new quote from Poor Richard's Almanack each day, and an interesting event from history updated hourly.

TypesetView: typesetting niceties for Android

TypesetView screenshot TypesetView is a View that's great for displaying paragraphs of rag-right, static body text in your Android app. It adds typographic niceties from more sophisticated text layout engines, allowing refined control over your content. Multicolumn text, TeX-style line breaks, margins that flow around arbitrary shapes and more.