KB Sriram

Analyzing RSA OpenPGP keys in the sks-keyserver pool

Out of curiosity, I ran two tests on the publicly available RSA keys within the sks keyserver system. First, can it be factored by the first 1000 primes? Second, do any pairs of keys share a common factor?

Connecting your social profile with your OpenPGP key

Keypan screenshot What's the best way to let someone discover your PGP key if they only know you via a Twitter, G+ or Github profile? Add your profile url as a user id on your key, and publish a fingerprint on your profile site.

Drivethrough: private android photo backups via GDrive

drivethrough android screenshot Just documenting some code I use to privately backup photos from my android phone to a laptop. The phone uploads photos as encrypted files to GDrive. The laptop downloads and decrypts new photos, then deletes files off GDrive. It's admittedly geeky to setup right now, but it's worked out quite nicely as a private, no-hassle local backup of my phone pics.

Visualizing dependencies in the android framework

overall structure A small experiment to visualize dependencies between classes in the android framework. This effort generated some some neat pictures, and was a chance to play with svg.

SAILing through my online life

Save Anything Important Locally - a rule of thumb to regain control over your data. Why this is useful, and documenting some things that I do.

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